Ball bearing ring

Le Ravageur Le Ravageur

Example of use:
- Shape sizing with template.
- Shape moulding in cabinet making.

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Produits fabriqués en FranceLe Ravageur is a French brand specializing in the production of high-quality woodworking tools. Founded in 1987 by a woodworking enthusiast, the brand quickly established itself on the market thanks to its innovative and high-performing products.

The Le Ravageur range of woodworking tools includes chisels, gouges, planes, hand saws, scrapers, saw blades, router bits, drill bits, and many other tools for woodworking. All of these tools are made in France using high-quality materials such as tempered steel and high-carbon steels.

The brand is particularly well-known for its range of chisels, which are renowned for their quality of manufacture and precision cutting. Le Ravageur chisels are available in a variety of sizes and profiles to meet all cutting needs, whether for precision carving or general woodworking tasks.

Le Ravageur also offers a range of planes and hand saws that are made from high-quality materials to ensure optimal performance and durability. Le Ravageur planes and hand saws are available in a variety of sizes and styles to meet the needs of all types of woodworking projects.

The brand also offers a range of saw blades, including blades for hand saws and blades for band saws. These blades are made from high-quality materials to ensure precise cutting and extended life.

Le Ravageur is a brand committed to product quality and environmental sustainability. The brand uses recyclable materials and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes to minimize its environmental impact.

In conclusion, Le Ravageur is a reference French brand for high-quality woodworking tools. The brand offers a wide range of woodworking tools, including chisels, gouges, planes, hand saws, saw blades, and router bits, all made in France using high-quality materials. Le Ravageur products are appreciated by woodworking professionals for their quality of manufacture, precision cutting, and durability.

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1 Ball bearing ring - Ref. ELBG030055 - D 55 ELBG030055 55 30

16,60 € tax incl.
2 Ball bearing ring - Ref. ELBG030062 - D 62 ELBG030062 62 30

18,71 € tax incl.
6 Ball bearing ring - Ref. ELBG055080 - D 80 ELBG055080 80 55

47,62 € tax incl.
14 Ball bearing ring - Ref. ELBG055120 - D 120 ELBG055120 120 55

53,70 € tax incl.
7 Ball bearing ring - Ref. ELBG055085 - D 85 ELBG055085 85 55

49,13 € tax incl.
8 Ball bearing ring - Ref. ELBG055086 - D 86 ELBG055086 86 55

47,26 € tax incl.
9 Ball bearing ring - Ref. ELBG055090 - D 90 ELBG055090 90 55

49,15 € tax incl.
10 Ball bearing ring - Ref. ELBG055095 - D 95 ELBG055095 95 55

49,13 € tax incl.
3 Ball bearing ring - Ref. ELBG055065 - D 65 ELBG055065 65 55

47,62 € tax incl.
11 Ball bearing ring - Ref. ELBG055100 - D 100 ELBG055100 100 55

47,35 € tax incl.
4 Ball bearing ring - Ref. ELBG055070 - D 70 ELBG055070 70 55

47,75 € tax incl.
12 Ball bearing ring - Ref. ELBG055105 - D 105 ELBG055105 105 55

49,13 € tax incl.
5 Ball bearing ring - Ref. ELBG055075 - D 75 ELBG055075 75 55

47,75 € tax incl.
13 Ball bearing ring - Ref. ELBG055110 - D 110 ELBG055110 110 55

49,25 € tax incl.

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