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  • CMTDAG-001

    The digital angle gauge is a mini waterproof digital protractor that provides digital readings between ±180° with a resolution of 0,1° and auto shut off after 5 minutes. It is small enough to be carried around in a pocket and the LED screen is convenient to read. It incorporates magnets in the base for adhesion to any ferrous surface to accurately measure...

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  • CMTDAF-001

    This digital angle finder is a multi-functional tool for many measuring applications. Easy to operate the base unit carries the electronics giving a very clear detailed LCD display as well as a pair of levelling vials and a pivoting measuring arm. When the arm is extended the angle it makes with the base is indicated clearly on digital read-out to the...

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  • CMTDMM-001

    Ideal for use in woodworking, building construction and agriculture industries. The DMM-001 is also an invaluable to the restoration field. Ideal for locating moisture in carpets and sub-flooring. Ultra-sensitive Digital Moisture Meter easily detects hidden leaks in wood, concrete, plaster and carpet. Providing accurate moisture level readings make this...

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  • CMTDHG-001

    - Horizontal and vertical measuring.- Self-standing for setting cutting depth on router tables and low profiles for backfence adjustment.- Measuring ruler with metric/imperial scale and locking screw.- Instruction manual.

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