Water cooled sharpening system

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  • TORM01-AFF-T4

    TORMEK® T-4 is an enhancement of the T-3 model taking the precision and stability to a completely new level. Vital functions like the motor and the main shaft are mounted in the zinc cast top which includes the integrated sleeves for the Universal Support. This advanced design ensures an unbeatable precision for the Universal Support, which is the...

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  • TORM01-AFF-T4-B

    This edition is especially targeting the outdoor market and all the equipment needed to sharpen knives and axes is provided straight out of the 'special value' box.Included in the box is the Knife Jig SVM-45, the Axe Jig SVA-170. You also get TORMEK® T-4’s standard accessories: the Stone Grader SP-650, the AngleMaster WM-200, the Honing Compound PA-70,...

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  • TORM01-AFF-T8

    TORMEK® T-8 maximises the precision thanks to the revolutionary fully cast housing which guarantees minimal play for the Universal support.This gives you the best conditions possible to succeed with your sharpening. TORMEK®'s unique drive system is efficient and manages to hold a constant speed, even under full load. The Tormek Original Grindstone...

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    Customise your own water cooled sharpening system with our Tormek T-8 Custom. This package enables you to create your own Tormek sharpening system, with your favourite accessories. Just add a grinding wheel, a honing wheel, the right jigs and your own creativity.The Tormek T-8 Custom includes a clean Tormek T-8 sharpening machine without grinding wheel...

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