Follow these steps to sharpen your axe with a Tormek sharpener:

Required Equipment:

  • Tormek Sharpener: Ensure your Tormek sharpener is properly set up and ready for use.
  • Axe: Clean the axe to remove any dirt or residue that might interfere with the sharpening process.
  • Axe Jig: Use the appropriate jig provided with the Tormek sharpener to securely hold the axe in place during sharpening.
  • Safety Gear: Wear safety glasses and gloves to ensure your safety during the process.

Sharpening Steps:

  1. Securing the Axe: Place the axe in the jig, making sure it is securely fastened. Ensure the blade is oriented correctly according to the desired angle.
  2. Angle Adjustment: Adjust the sharpening angle based on the manufacturer's recommendations or your preferences. Tormek sharpeners often provide precise settings for achieving the optimal angle.
  3. Preparing the Grindstone: Use the appropriate grindstone for axe sharpening. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to properly install the grindstone on the Tormek sharpener.
  4. Turning on the Sharpener: Turn on the Tormek sharpener and wait for it to reach its maximum speed before beginning the sharpening process.
  5. Initial Sharpening: Pass the axe over the grindstone using slow and steady movements. Ensure a constant contact between the blade and the grindstone.
  6. Regular Checks: Regularly check the blade to assess the progress of sharpening. Pause periodically to adjust the angle if needed.
  7. Finishing: Once satisfied with the edge, switch to a finer grindstone to achieve a smoother finish. This will contribute to extending the edge's lifespan.
  8. Sharpening the Opposite Side: Repeat the sharpening process on the opposite side of the axe by adjusting the angle accordingly.
  9. Sharpening the Tip: If your axe has a pointed tip, don't forget to sharpen it following the same procedure.
  10. Final Check: After completing the sharpening, check the sharpness of the blade by making a few light cuts. Make adjustments if necessary.

With these steps, you should be able to accurately sharpen your axe using a Tormek sharpener.

Ensure you follow the sharpener manufacturer's instructions and take all necessary precautions for a safe operation.